The other day, “TED” was telling about the darknet.
I was shocked a little after listening to it.

By the way it is “bit coin” that is used for trading on “dark net”.
Knowing that, it gave a glimpse of the danger of “bit coin”.
“Bit coin” is still used for “money laundering” and “blackout”, so there is no promise ….

It seems that it can not be connected unless you connect with “tor” to connect to “Darknet”.
Darknet can not be connected with “Chrome” or “Firefox”. That is why “Darknet” is not used for bad things.

For example, “Darknet” is a powerful weapon to defeat the “dictatorship regime”.
So depending on the way you use it, “dark net” becomes both good and bad things.

“Bitcoin” can identify individuals.
But if you use a certain method………..