I have a story about requesting a PS5 invitation.



Good morning. After spending two days staring at Amazon and wrestling with the decision, I impulsively clicked “Buy” on the PS5 invitation request. However, I still haven’t received the purchase invitation email. It seems that most people receive the invitation email within about two weeks. Also, I learned that this invitation request remains valid for 12 months from the moment of purchase, so I’ll patiently wait.

In addition, the PSVR converter arrived the other day, and it’s sitting beside my PS4 as I wonder when I’ll be able to use it. I can’t help but wonder if it’s a system where Amazon’s Black Card holders, for example, get priority access to purchase items. It doesn’t seem to be just a first-come, first-served basis.

There must be people who planned to purchase a PS5 at least in time for the release of FF16. If it were Akihabara or somewhere similar, it would probably be relatively easy to buy a PS5, but since I live in a rural area, buying online is the norm.

It would be quite a shock if it turned out that they actually had them in stock at local stores like Yamada Denki… but I highly doubt it. Still, I’ll go take a look, just in case.

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