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It is best not to modify the registry. Make a backup when you do.



Good morning. It’s better not to modify the registry in Windows 11. If you do, make sure to take a backup. I, unfortunately, didn’t take a backup and messed with the Bluetooth registry, causing issues with the recognition of Bluetooth 5 devices. As a result, I had to use Bluetooth 4 devices until recently.

I decided to take action and realized that things couldn’t continue as they were, so I performed a fresh installation of Windows 11. However, it took quite some time to reinstall all the software on my custom-built PC, and ultimately, it ended up consuming my entire day off. As I mentioned in my recent blog post, I also want to separate my work PC from my personal PC. It’s a matter of mindset and being prepared for any potential issues. I’ve kept separate accounts and made sure to minimize the usage of the C drive space.

For now, I’m able to work with this setup. ‘HIROYUKI’ once said that installing antivirus software is foolish, but I wonder what the consensus is on that matter. How do you all handle it?

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