It is best not to modify the registry. Make a backup when you do.



Good morning. It’s better not to modify the registry in Windows 11. If you do, make sure to take a backup. I, unfortunately, didn’t take a backup and messed with the Bluetooth registry, causing issues with the recognition of Bluetooth 5 devices. As a result, I had to use Bluetooth 4 devices until recently.

I decided to take action and realized that things couldn’t continue as they were, so I performed a fresh installation of Windows 11. However, it took quite some time to reinstall all the software on my custom-built PC, and ultimately, it ended up consuming my entire day off. As I mentioned in my recent blog post, I also want to separate my work PC from my personal PC. It’s a matter of mindset and being prepared for any potential issues. I’ve kept separate accounts and made sure to minimize the usage of the C drive space.

For now, I’m able to work with this setup. ‘HIROYUKI’ once said that installing antivirus software is foolish, but I wonder what the consensus is on that matter. How do you all handle it?


-i, and ultimately, but I wonder, couldn't continue as they were, devices, devices until, drive space, Good morning, HIROYUKI, However, I'm, installing antivirus software, is foolish, it ended up, it took, matter, on my custom-built, once said that, recently, unfortunately,

In any case, Bluetooth 5.3 and LinkBuds S are a perfect match.



Good morning. The other day, I purchased Bluetooth 5.3. The reason behind this purchase was the promise of low latency communication and the expectation of improved sound quality when connected to LinkBuds S. In reality, I feel that the sound has indeed improved. It seems like I can hear clearer audio compared to before.

I feel like this will be useful during our weekly remote meetings. At first, I was concerned about experiencing audio cuts during the meetings, but lately, I don’t have such worries anymore.

I’m not sure how it sounds to the other person, but since we can carry on conversations, I think the microphone sensitivity of the LinkBuds S is good. It would be great if I could hear things even more clearly now that I’ve switched to Bluetooth 5.3.

In any case, Bluetooth 5.3 and LinkBuds S are a perfect match.


anymore., At first, but lately, but since we, can carry on conversations, concerned about experiencing audio cuts during the, connected to LinkBuds, even more clearly now, Good morning, have such worries, I don't, I'm, In any case, In reality, indeed improve, It seems like, meetings, not sure, of improved sound quality when, sound has,

ファンです。Yoojung Lee:)



Pure Water – Mustard, Migos / Yoojung Lee Choreography

I am a fan of Yoojung Lee. Her dance moves are sharp and beautiful.
And I like her coolness.
I’m sharing her dance moves with you.
If you’ve been following my Twitter timeline, you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about.
It’s the type of person I like quite a bit.
These days, I’ve been thinking that the women I like are very similar to each other.
There are about three patterns, though.

She is as unattainable as the stars, so I’m a fan of hers.

I just want to watch her.

Sunflower – Post Malone, Swae Lee / Yoojung Lee Choreography
Nights With You – MØ / Yoojung Lee Choreography


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